Originally built as holiday homes for wealthy New Yorkers, the classic Hamptons home’s history dates way back – but its popularity remains unchanged.

Thanks to an inviting blend of relaxed coastal living, a neutral colour palette and minimalist style that never seems to go out of fashion, a classic Hamptons home is as desirable now as it was then.

If you’re thinking about renovating your home in the timeless Hamptons style or building a Hamptons home from scratch, these are the key elements you’ll want to incorporate.

Keep the exterior classic

Kerbside appeal is hugely important for any classic Hamptons home. Embrace everything that makes a traditional Hamptons home special by creating an exterior in keeping with the very first designs.

Weatherboard exteriors are an absolute must for any traditional Hamptons home. Choose weatherboard in classic colours like grey or light blue and finish off the aesthetic with white window frames. Minimalist pillars and sleek, simple verandas are great finishing touches. Remember: a classic Hamptons home is never fussy and favours clean lines over intricate details.

Embrace neutrals and nautical elements indoors

Originally designed as seaside residences, traditional Hamptons homes sport nautical interiors. These touches are often scattered throughout and can include anchor and starfish motifs on soft furnishings, collected shells in pretty bowls and scenic coastal paintings.

A neutral colour palette works best indoors. Think fuss-free rattan furniture, throws and pillows in soft blues and white, and touches of grey.

Incorporate a shaker-style kitchen

Hamptons homes are wonderful places for entertaining, with much of the socialising centering on the heart of the home: the classic shaker-style kitchen. An open-plan layout works best here, with plenty of room to prepare family meals and maybe a breakfast bar to encourage time spent together.

Shaker-style cabinets are an absolute must if you’re aiming for a traditional Hamptons look. Keep everything clean and white, with a dash of navy or grey if you’re craving colour. Natural stone worktops and feature pendant lighting complete the look.

Maximise your outdoor space

A true Hamptons home is just as proud of its outdoor spaces as it is of its interiors. Make the most of the Australian weather – and embrace that classic Hamptons holiday feel – by focusing on the potential of your backyard.

Incorporating a pool is one of the most impressive ways to channel the traditional Hamptons style. Create an outdoor haven that encourages al fresco socialising by focusing on comfortable sun lounges, shaded spots for dining and relaxing, and a pool house for quick changes.

Bring the outside in

Those beautiful interiors and impressive exteriors aren’t kept separate in a classic Hamptons home – instead, they should flow freely into one another.

Sliding glass doors from the kitchen into the backyard are one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in. By making the transition from outside to inside easy, you are creating a sociable feel that’s perfect for summer BBQs and family gatherings.

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