A Hampton’s-style home typically brings to mind ease and elegance, impressive kerb appeal and architecturally clean lines.

However, what happens when the block that you have to build your dream home on is an irregular shape?

Whilst it might initially seem like a challenge, building on an oddly shaped block can actually help you maximise the use of outdoor space, which is a classic feature of many Hamptons homes.

At Hamptons Homes, we’re experienced in exploring the opportunities that exist within blocks of all shapes and sizes to achieve a seamless home building experience.

Taking this custom design approach can give your home something that is beautifully functional and truly unique.

If you have an oddly shaped block, these are the top considerations when building your dream Hamptons home:

Choose the right builder

Choosing the right builder is essential to the success of any build. And this is especially true when you’re working with an irregular block.

An experienced builder understands the unique needs of oddly shaped land and can develop a custom floor plan to suit.

Understand how the block can best work for you

Irregular blocks often strike fear into prospective buyers, however with the right builder on board, your dream Hamptons home can be crafted with truly unique attributes to suit your lifestyle and your block of land.

Are there benefits to building on an oddly shaped block?

Whilst an irregular block can present some unique challenges, it can also provide some unique benefits, including:

Value for money

Irregular blocks are often larger in size and less expensive than regular blocks.

This presents the opportunity to build a larger home and to invest the money saved on the land price into customising your dream Hamptons home.

Embrace the outdoors

A popular tradition with Hamptons-style homes is to extend the indoors outside for seamless entertaining.

With an oddly shaped block, you often have more land to work with, resulting in ample opportunities to create spacious alfresco entertaining areas with a pool and gardens.

Another advantage is the opportunity to situate your service areas (such as a garden shed and clothesline) discreetly out of view of entertaining areas.

Work with the characteristics of your block

A quality builder can help you to understand how to best maximise the use of natural light, views, and energy efficiency on your block of land.

Many Hamptons homes are multi-storey and feature large windows, allowing you to create feature views from areas of your home across your rural property and beyond.

Truly one of a kind

When you build your dream home, you want it to feel like your home – not like everyone else’s.

With an irregular block, your Hamptons-style home will have all the classic elegance, with a touch of your own unique design.

Allowing for a true custom build, your home will be a bespoke architectural masterpiece.

To begin a conversation about creating a Hamptons-style home to suit your lifestyle, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Hampton Homes Australia today.