Originally the holiday home choice for wealthy New Yorkers, Hamptons-style homes have made their mark globally – and nowhere more so than in Australia.

Classic indicators of a Hamptons-stye home include coastal design touches, sweeping verandahs and a colour palette of blues and whites. 

Elegant, timeless and effortlessly suited to outdoor living, this popular housing style fits in perfectly with the needs of many Australians. 

Here, we take a look at why more Australians are choosing a Hamptons-style home. 

Well suited to the Australian climate

Australia’s warm weather and beautiful beaches inspire a laid back, outdoorsy lifestyle. This mirrors the original purpose of a Hamptons home – to offer a space that encourages indoor-outdoor living. 

Open-plan layouts create breezy spaces that connect large communal areas to the backyard. From sliding glass doors opening out onto the garden to large picture windows and vast verandahs – a Hamptons-style home is all about maximising your connection to the outdoors and making the most of Australia’s balmy climate. 

You may even want to consider incorporating a pool into your garden and creating a place to cool off on hot summer days. 

Perfect for entertaining 

In line with its origins as a holiday home built for spending quality time with loved ones, the Hamptons design is big on entertaining. This fits in perfectly with the Australian lifestyle, which prioritises sociable get-togethers such as big summer barbecues. 

The kitchen is often the focal point of a Hamptons-style design. Nautical white and blue tones create a comfortable coastal atmosphere, while large kitchen islands encourage family breakfasts. 

Extend this sense of togetherness to outdoor spaces by creating laidback alfresco dining areas. You might like to consider touches like an open-air bar or kitchen, perfect for entertaining on warm evenings. 

A style statement

With their understated grandeur and effortless sense of luxe, Hamptons homes never go out of style – which is perfect for design-conscious Australians. 

The coastal colour palette is timeless, while the classic Hamptons shaker-style kitchens are fresh and elegant. Large windows and French doors maximise natural light and create a space that feels classic, breezy and welcoming. 

The Hamptons style is also not dissimilar to the classic Queenslander, renowned for its large verandahs, weatherboard cladding and two-storey design. Therefore, a Hamptons home is an easy transition for many Australians. 

A practical choice 

Built for the elements and with a focus on an outdoors lifestyle, Hamptons homes offer many practical features Australians can appreciate. 

Weatherboard cladding is a fantastic choice for those who live on the coast, where winds tend to be stronger, and salt and sand may pose a risk to a home’s exterior. While composite timber cladding is prone to damage, weatherboard is hardier and less likely to need replacing. 

A mudroom is also a common feature of a Hamptons home and ideal for many Australians. Keep surfboards, sandy shoes and wet towels here to avoid transferring dirt into other parts of the home.


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