A future-proofed home will support you and your family for years to come; but knowing where to start when it comes to crafting a timeless floorplan and design can be challenging.

This month we explored the few innovative items from Stegbar and how they can help to future-proof your Hamptons home.

Keep reading to learn our 3 top tips covering style, substance and sustainability and discover how you can integrate these elements into your new home.

Tip 1 – Style

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there are several exemplary design and architectural standards that have withstood the test of time. Two such standards are Scandinavian and Bauhaus. Both styles focus on muted colour palettes, emphasising soft features.

Such contemporary standards adopt an understated and measured approach to design and construction, avoiding unnecessary features which serve little or no purpose. The sum of its parts must be inoffensive to the senses, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. With no obtrusive design elements, these styles are timeless choices for the home.

Tip 2 – Substance

A home with style and no substance is simply an empty shell. Prior to designing or building your dream home, thoroughly assess what your needs and wants are in the long-term. \

  • Do you work from home regularly?
  • Are you always hosting guests for lavish dinner parties?
  • Do you have many kids to take care of under one roof?

These are some of the measured considerations that should shape your design.

Of course, with substance comes material items that will require storage. One of our favourite ways to address this challenge is by integrating sliding wardrobe doors. These are perfect in bedrooms or hallways where space is limited.

You might also consider fixed floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow more natural light to enter the home and shine a light on your timeless design.

We love both these options from the team at Stegbar!

Tip 3 – Sustainability

A sustainable home minimises your environmental impact and lowers your carbon footprint. As the world pushes on to mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change, there are a plethora of solutions available to reduce electricity consumption and water wastage in the home.

One popular solution is to use double-glazed windows to regulate the internal temperature of your home. Another is to use light tunnels to illuminate living rooms and hallways during the daytime without flicking on a switch. Even the use of LED bulbs instead of tungsten, filament bulbs will save your countless kilowatts of energy! The use of low-flow appliances such as taps, showerheads and toilet bowls significantly reduce the amount of water you will consume per minute.

Paying attention to sustainable design upfront will help you avoid expensive upgrades in future and gives you the best chance of achieving a timeless home design. 


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