A Hamptons home is more than simply a place to live; it’s a lifestyle.

Hamptons homes are typically associated with the beach, and when you first walk through the doors of one, you feel instantly at ease. The light-coloured interiors, natural textures, soft materials and effortless sophistication and luxury are what makes this style of home truly unique.

The best part? You can achieve coastal living without having to move to the beach! While we’d all love to live close to the ocean, sometimes that is not always possible or feasible. Enjoy the best of both worlds by turning your home into a coastal-inspired retreat and feel the lifestyle benefits of Hamptons living.

Calming colours

Blue and white are hallmark colours in any Hamptons home. When we see the colour blue, feelings of peace, serenity and calmness come to mind. Similarly, the colour white offers feelings of hope, comfort and protection. It’s unmistakable, the feeling of relaxation experienced when stepping inside a Hamptons home, so imagine how serene it must be to live in one!

Not only do the colours blue and white elicit feelings of relaxation, they are also the perfect palette for styling and adding your own twist to your interiors. Creamy linens, vibrant green plants and yellow accents fit perfectly within a Hamptons home, which means you’re never stuck to one colour scheme or style. Just as your lifestyle often changes and evolves, so can your Hamptons home.

Coastal living, even if you aren’t near the beach

Hamptons homes are typically associated with coastal living, evoking similar feelings to being in a ‘beach house’ – even if you’re nowhere near the ocean. Open-plan living, effortlessly chic styling and the quintessential exterior timber cladding are reminiscent of a luxury beach house and are commonly found in Hamptons homes.

Spending time at the beach is proven to encourage a meditative state, and even associating your home with the beach can help you to feel instantly calm and zen! With the amount of time we spend at home, it’s incredibly important to feel as though our home is a sanctuary where we can relax.

Connect with the outdoors

Outdoor living is an important aspect of any Hamptons home. With large sliding doors and plenty of windows, Hamptons homes allow ample natural light to flood indoor spaces, making you feel as though you’re outside and giving you a boost of Vitamin D in the process.

Poolside lounging, covered verandahs, entertaining areas and tranquil gardens and lawns are typical of a Hamptons home. Being outside helps us de-stress and relax, and when you have a beautiful, Hamptons-inspired outdoor space, it’s hard to want to stay inside.

Living in a Hamptons home is similar to the feeling of your feet touching the soft, warm sand on a sunny day at the beach. Or the first dip in the ocean for summer. It’s the feeling of relaxation, embodied within a perfect home that you get to experience every single day, and you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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