You’ve made the exciting decision to build a brand-new Hamptons home – but now there are more big decisions to make. One of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you’d prefer to build up or out.

While a double-storey home makes sense for many people, others will benefit more from a single-storey design. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a guide to the pros and cons of both.

Consider your needs

The beauty of a Hamptons home is that the style is so versatile. No matter your needs, most people will benefit from the breezy, open-plan design and multifunctional outdoor living areas. However, whether a single or double-storey home is right for you will depend on your current and future needs.

If you’re building the home for a larger family, a double-storey design can create privacy. While the kids might benefit from a playroom upstairs, the downstairs area can be reserved for entertaining. Hamptons-style open-plan kitchens are perfect for hosting, creating sociable areas that effortlessly flow into the outdoors via sliding glass doors.

On the other hand, stairs may be hard to navigate for people with mobility issues. If you are planning to stay in the home into the later years of your life, it may be sensible to consider extending out rather than up.

What are your outdoor plans?

If you decide on a single-storey design, it’s worth taking into account how much it will eat into your outdoor space. If you have a large plot of land to play with, building out may not be a problem. But if you are limited on plot size, a double-storey layout could be the answer.

A true Hamptons home is all about maximising the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Think spacious living areas that flow into outdoor patios, sleek pool areas and al fresco dining. If you do need to build out on a limited plot size, a wraparound veranda is a great option. It won’t take up much space and it still gives you that classic Hamptons-style outdoor living area.

Don’t lose sight of the budget

It’s important to remember that extending out and up don’t cost the same. Building a double-storey home is generally more complicated, as it will involve scaffolding. To make sure there are no nasty surprises, budget carefully and consider the costs involved in your chosen design.

Rooms with a view

Many people build Hamptons homes by the sea in keeping with the classic New York holiday style. If you’re lucky enough to have a fantastic view, a double-storey home could help you maximise it. From sweeping views of the ocean to panoramic cityscapes, make the most of what you have by building up.

Is it practical?

It’s important to bear in mind that in some cases, certain options won’t be available to you. Before you draw up plans for your dream home, make sure you have the relevant planning permissions in place.

You’ll also need to be realistic about the land available to you. If it’s a narrow plot, the only way may be up. By discussing all these issues with your builder first, you’ll avoid running into issues further down the line.

To discuss whether a single or double-storey home is right for you, get in touch with the team at Hampton Homes Australia today.