The heart of any Hamptons-style home is its kitchen. A place for family and friends to gather, it highlights the sociable nature of these breezy coastal homes.

A classic Hamptons-style kitchen reflects all the best aspects of this popular architectural housing style. The space should be bright and open, ideally featuring large windows or glass sliding doors that help to bring the outdoors in.

When planning the perfect kitchen for your Hamptons home, there are a few key elements to consider.

Use a colour palette of soft neutrals and coastal shades

Born in Long Island, New York, Hamptons homes reflect their seaside setting. One of the easiest ways to bring this into the kitchen is via a colour palette of soft neutrals and clever coastal shades. By using white as the key colour for your Hamptons-style kitchen, you are creating a clean, fresh look that feels instantly bigger and brighter.

You can accent this neutral backdrop with tones of soft grey and blue. From cabinets to kitchen islands, there are many aspects of a Hamptons-style kitchen that look great with a touch of understated colour. Other ideas include splashbacks in coloured ceramic tiles or elegant feature items like a centrepiece vase or shelf of statement mugs.

Opt for shaker-style cabinetry

Shaker-style cabinetry features in almost every Hamptons home and is a guaranteed way to get the look for your kitchen. Shaker cabinets are simple yet elegant, featuring recessed panel doors and minimalist hardware.

Choose a light or white colour finish to match the rest of your kitchen. When you opt for shaker-style cabinetry, you are choosing a timeless design that will evolve with your home and will never go out of fashion.

Include a spacious kitchen island in your design

Originally built as holiday homes, Hamptons-style homes are made for socialising and spending quality time with loved ones. By incorporating an island into your kitchen design, you are creating a space where family can gather and enjoy small meals together.

An island is the heart of a kitchen and looks great when a statement sink is incorporated in the design. Turn it into a breakfast bar by adding bench seating and you’ll have a place for guests to sit while you’re hosting dinner.

Brighten the room with statement lighting

Light and breezy are key features of any Hamptons-style home. Open up your kitchen and instantly help it appear more spacious by incorporating clever lighting. The more you can play with natural light, the better. Use large picture windows and glass sliding doors to allow sunshine to stream in and emphasise any surrounding views of nature or your backyard.

Glass and pendant lighting look elegant and match the clean, simple aesthetic of a Hamptons home. If you’ve incorporated a breakfast bar or island into your design, highlight it beautifully with clever spotlights.

Play with natural materials

When it comes to selecting the materials for your Hamptons-style kitchen, natural is always best. It works with the clean, coastal aesthetic of the design and really brings the whole look together. Think marble benchtops and wooden flooring for the perfect Hamptons-style finish.

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