While Hamptons homes were originally built as seaside vacation spots, nowadays people live in these beautiful homes year-round.

Renowned for their classic open-plan layouts and sociable outdoor areas, their suitability for entertaining must be balanced alongside the practical day-to-day needs of a modern lifestyle.

If you’re wondering how to create an office space that doesn’t look out of place in your Hamptons home, or simply want to add a touch of Hamptons to your study, we’ve got some expert tips.

Keep things tidy with a fuss-free filing system

Hamptons homes are spacious in nature and benefit from open, breezy rooms that are free of clutter. The same should be true of your working environment, meaning clever storage is key.

If your job involves a large amount of paperwork, consider investing in a sleek filing cabinet that will keep stray papers out of eyesight. Desks with plentiful drawers, and shelving with doors at the bottom mean you can hide things away and prevent mess.

Everything on display should be simple and aesthetically pleasing. Not only is this in keeping with the Hamptons style, but it will make your working environment more pleasant and stress-free, too.

Incorporate the classic Hamptons-style colour palette

Steer away from dark, oppressive colours if you’re aiming for a Hamptons-style home office. In keeping with the rest of a Hamptons home, your office will benefit from natural light and breezy, bright tones.

You can never go wrong with making white your base colour and then using muted shades like pale green, pastel blue, sand and grey to break it up. From a neutral rug to a pastel desk chair and grey storage systems, there are so many ways you an incorporate the classic Hamptons colour scheme into your home office design.

Make your desk the feature element

While the Hamptons style is fuss-free, feature elements are used throughout to draw the eye and keep things from looking bland. In the kitchen it might be a feature splashback or a gorgeous breakfast bar – in your home office, it should be the desk.

Wood plays a huge part in the classic Hamptons home, so opt for a wooden desk over any other material. Natural woods like oak and pine work best – if the rest of your office is light and bright, you could even get away with a darker shade here.

A relatively simple design is most in keeping with the Hamptons style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with subtly intricate features. From beautifully carved sides to handmade knobs on the drawers, your desk can be a place to inject your personality into the space.

Add coastal touches for the finishing look

When adding the finishing touches to your home office, consider some subtle nods to the classic coastal vibe of a Hamptons home. Nautical blues are easy to incorporate into your colour palette and maintain the soft feel of a Hamptons-style design. Other things you could consider include rattan rugs and furniture, and coastal-themed artwork on the walls.

For help designing your Hamptons-style home office, contact the team at Hampton Homes Australia today.