Traditionally built for coastal settings, Hamptons-style homes are becoming more prominent in the countryside.

The transition is natural: suited to an outdoors lifestyle and designed for socialising, Hamptons-style homes fit seamlessly into a rural setting.

When designing a Hamptons home in the countryside, there are certain elements to consider. While nautical shades and weatherboard may work perfectly on the coast, it could be less practical in the countryside.

From incorporating rustic furniture to embracing your lush green outdoor spaces: here is how to achieve a country-style Hamptons home.

Use rustic country-style furniture

That effortless coastal elegance of the classic Hamptons home is not so different from understated country chic. Embrace open-plan living and kitchens built for entertaining by creating a cosy atmosphere with rustic pieces of furniture.

Consider making a long dining table the centrepiece of your living space. Choose rustic wood designs that contrast with the clean white finish of classic shaker-style kitchens. Play with slightly mismatched chairs to further elevate a sense of relaxed rustic living.

Other touches you may want to consider include wooden beams and cosy rugs that exude lived-in luxury.

Play with colours and textures

The nautical blues and whites of classic Hamptons homes can easily be adapted for the countryside. Opt for a predominantly white palette that you can accent with brighter colours and cosy textures.

When choosing your colours and textures, consider shades that complement the surrounding countryside. A pop of sky blue or eucalyptus green can really help to bring everything together and complete that Hamptons sense of indoor-outdoor living. Houseplants are another great way to add an effortless touch of country style.

For the exterior, muted tones of greys, pale green and cream work wonderfully.

Embrace the great outdoors

While you may not have the beach on your doorstep, the countryside has its own unique appeal. Rural homes often benefit from large plots of land and gorgeous gardens abundant with plants and wildlife.

Make the transition between outside and inside seamless by using sliding glass doors that you can throw open during the warmer months. Even in winter, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors let in natural light and remind you of the beauty on your doorstep.

Consider the elements

Classic weatherboard may be the preferred choice for traditional Hamptons homes, but there are important things to consider when selecting the right material for your countryside version. Australian homes are exposed to high levels of UV, making the pure whites of Hamptons homes less practical. Instead, consider muted shades of grey, off white or blue.

Countryside homes must also take into account the possibility of bushfires. Overcome these concerns by using fibre-cement cladding, which offers the charm of classic weatherboard but is far more durable, while also being termite and fire resistant.

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