With their roots as holiday homes for well-to-do New Yorkers, Hamptons homes are all about creating outdoor spaces ideal for relaxing with loved ones. Building the ultimate pool area is one of the best ways to make the most of your surroundings and increase the social aspect of your Hamptons-style home.

Pools capitalise on the fantastic Australian summer weather and offer a place for families to play, friends to gather and fitness enthusiasts to exercise. If you’re planning on adding a pool area to your Hamptons home, here are some key elements to consider.

Consider the shape and size of your pool

Whether you’re lucky enough to be working with a large backyard or have to be economical with your space, it pays to consider exactly how much room you want your pool to take up. Remember, you will need to factor in any seating needs or plans for a pool house you may have.

Allowing for a generous border of hard landscaping will make the area feel less crowded and offers the perfect place to set up sun loungers. It will also protect your plants and grass from getting splashed with pool water.

Create spaces for socialising poolside

When planning the ultimate pool area, it’s never just about the pool itself. Bring family and friends together by incorporating spaces for socialising outside of the water. This could be a great time to consider a BBQ area or outdoor bar, where you can enjoy food and drinks after a sunny dip.

Research the best materials for safety and durability

The area immediately around your pool will have to cope with splashing and footfall, meaning it needs to be both durable and safe. Natural stone can be a great option, as it is hardwearing and absorbs a little water, making it slightly less slippery. Consider limestone or sandstone and always use a trusted stone merchant, who will provide quality materials.

You’ll also want to consider the comfort of the material underfoot when things heat up. If you live in a very warm climate, consider lighter stone that won’t absorb as much heat and is more comfortable to walk on. Decking is another great alternative that can feel slightly cooler underfoot. Just make sure to pick a non-slip, durable option such as polymer and wood fibre.

Think about shady spaces for hot days

A slightly covered area by your pool can be a great place to retreat to on hot days. A shaded pergola that overlooks the pool is the perfect spot to incorporate seating or dining areas and makes your pool area comfortable at all times of day.

Another option is adding a pool house to your outdoor space. As well as providing shade, they double up as a place to change in and out of swimwear and store outdoor furniture in winter.

Add lighting, water features and other finishing touches

Once you’ve ticked off all the main features, it’s time to have a little fun with your design. Highlight the architectural elements of your pool by using clever lighting and unique water features. As well as adding a pretty design touch, lighting also makes your pool safer at night, meaning you can enjoy the area well into the evening.

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