So you’ve heard the hype around Hampton Homes Australia and you want to know more? Whether you’ve spied an Instagram post, seen one of our completed luxury homes or heard about a franchise opportunity, we’re so pleased you’re here.

In this blog, we’re taking a step behind the brand to learn a little more about Hampton Homes Australia. Keep reading to hear more about our specialist building company from founders Kurt Hegetschweiler and Claus Sievers.

Hampton Homes Australia: What is Hampton Homes Australia all about?

Kurt Hegetschweiler: We’re a luxury home building company specialising in the Hampton genre of homes; a glamourous, yet relaxed home style characterised by the use of stately columns, weatherboards and plenty of coastal-inspired detailing like beautiful balustrades, and circular windows.

Our company was born from a vision to create a never-before-seen brand in the Australian market. While many designers have been incorporating Hamptons style design aspects into their builds, none fully embraced this style in such a vast scale until the birth of Hampton Homes Australia. 

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful homes that embody the Hamptons lifestyle, exuding effortless luxury and sophisticated, easy living for our clients. We customise each home design, adding all the elements our clients need for a luxurious lifestyle.

Hampton Homes Australia: Why Hamptons?

Claus Sievers: The Hamptons genre in Australia has been popularised in recent years by a vast array of wide-reaching media coverage. This home style originated in the beautiful beachside homes of “The Hamptons” in upstate New York and translates perfectly to the coastal Australian lifestyle.

The Hamptons is a classic, timeless style with plenty of scope to accommodate every variation of the Australian landscape. No two Hampton Homes are the same and we can work with clients to create a Hamptons home style that encapsulates their unique vision and reflects their individual lifestyle, taste level, or budget. 

The “Hamptons” design aesthetic is multifaceted and can range from classic, country-style homes to resort-style luxury bungalows to all-white Grecian mansions.

Hampton Homes Australia: Who is behind the brand?

Kurt Hegetschweiler: Hampton Homes Australia was founded by us and was the result of many years of planning! I’m the founder of Builders Coach and I’ve spent my career writing educational materials and coaching industry professionals on builder best practices. Claus founded the prestigious 4C Construction, where he rapidly built a steadfast reputation for creating unique, award-winning homes.

Both Claus and I have a passion for Hamptons-style homes and are dedicated in equal measure to delivering quality craftsmanship and impeccable service. We’ve also partnered with Hamptons ambassador Natalee Bowen from Indah Island, who has extensive experience styling homes in a way that incorporates classic Hamptons with the tropical lush of the coast.

Our board of directors are also heavily involved in the success of the business and include Kevin Renwick (founder of Hotondo Homes and Independent Builders Network) Manfred Preisenberger, Michael W. Sutherland, Tony Garrison and James Corne. 

We’ve also partnered with a number of industry experts to ensure Hampton Homes Australia is ready for anything. This “Genius Network” includes finance specialist Michael W. Sutherlandmarketing expert Amanda Cordneraccountant Don Doolanestimator Jim Lakiss and Queen of the Hamptons, Natalee Bowen.

Hampton Homes Australia: What makes the company different?

Claus Sievers: Our in-depth experience in creating Hampton homes gives us an edge; we’ve partnered with the experts in the industry to understand what’s currently trending, what will work for your design and how to make your home look and feel unique.

While Hampton Homes Australia is a relatively new brand, our team have decades of experience creating luxurious award-winning homes. We’re passionate about delivering first-class service and high levels of communication, and can problem solve any issues we might face along the way.

Can anyone become a franchisee?

Kurt Hegetschweiler: Yes we’re always looking for high-quality builders to become Hampton Homes franchisees and start creating sophisticated spaces with all the romance and glamour of Hamptons living. If you’re interested in learning more about franchisee opportunities, get in touch with Claus and myself via our enquiry page.


If you’re looking for an expert builder to help you craft a Hampton home that exudes effortless luxury, get in touch with the team at Hampton Homes Australia today.