If you think you knew all there is to know about Hamptons homes, think again – there’s more than meets the eye to these popular, holiday-style homes.

Originally built for wealthy New Yorkers vacationing in the Hamptons, the classic Hamptons home features a coastal colour palette, breezy spaces for entertaining and beautiful outdoor areas to match.

Whether you’re remodelling your home or thinking about building from scratch, these interesting details about Hamptons homes may just surprise you.

1. You don’t need a seaside setting

If you love the Hamptons aesthetic but are worried it will look out of place in your area, it might fit in more easily than you think. While the original Hamptons homes were built for coastal living, they embody so much more than that.

Think about the typical Australian lifestyle: it’s all about making the most of the warm summers and combining indoor and outdoor living. Whether you live by the seaside or not, a Hamptons home fits in beautifully with the Aussie way of life.

Large, shaker-style kitchens that flow seamlessly through sliding glass doors into stunning outdoor spaces with pools and BBQ areas will work no matter where your home is positioned.

2. White isn’t the only key colour when decorating

While it’s true that white is a key colour when decorating your Hamptons home, the scope of shades used is wider than you may think. Muted colours inspired by nature work best and can range from soft greens to pastel blues, greys, stone and sand.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate some colourful accents into your Hamptons home, you could consider soft furnishings in the above mentioned colours, feature walls in living spaces and painted cabinets in the kitchen. Coastal accents also work perfectly and add that quintessential holiday home touch.

3. It’s not just what’s inside that counts

You’ve picked the perfect colour palette, finessed the kitchen layout and added nautical-themed finishing touches to your bedroom – but don’t forget the outside. While it’s true that shaker-style kitchens and coastal themes are important indoors, the outdoor spaces of your Hamptons home also have a big part to play.

The perfect Hamptons home invites long summer nights outdoors, so make sure to make the most of the open-air spaces you have. On a smaller scale, a veranda works well. Got more room to play with? Consider a generous pool area.

4. The materials used are key

Whether your home is by the coast or not, you’ll want to consider weatherboard cladding for the outside. Stick to cladding in the muted, natural tones Hamptons homes are renowned for to get the most authentic look. Its durability is a huge plus for the Australian climate and will mean your home has the longevity to last through time and trends.

5. There’s more than one type of Hamptons home

Not every Hamptons home is created equal – and you can build yours to best suit your personal tastes. Resort-style Hamptons homes evoke the feeling of a high-end spa and focus on grand bathroom designs, in-ground pools and spas and luxe furniture.

Alternatively, you might like to consider a country-style Hamptons home. From rustic furniture to cosy textures, this is a homely, inviting style that works brilliantly for families.

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